In the near future, this will become, featuring USMC squadron patches

TrollAssassin, an automated troll intercept Wordpress concept... only an idea for now

TROLL: ---- Start TrollAssassin results ----
TROLL: This post is probably a troll. The original message has been altered
TROLL: so you can recognize or block similar unwanted trolls in future.
TROLL: See for more details.
TROLL: Content analysis details: (12.8 hits, 7.5 required)
TROLL: X_KWN_TROLL_PRESENT (1.3 points) Found known troll username
TROLL: CROSS-POSTING (0.0 points) SE search returns verbatim post
TROLL: GODWIN_RULE (4.2 points) BODY: Includes NSDAP reference
TROLL: GODWIN_DMASS (1.1 points) BODY: Includes a misspelled NSDAP reference
TROLL: ETH_SLUR (6.0 points) BODY: Includes especially egregious ethnic slur
TROLL: PROTO_ZION (0.0 points) BODY: Refs Protocols of the Elders of Zion
TROLL: PROTO_ZIONISH (1.5 points) BODY: Links to right wing Israeli politician
TROLL: ---- End of TrollAssassin results ---- 

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